Self-care - Why it is a necessity and not a luxury?

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If self-care isn’t important, why do we miss it so much when we stop doing it?

When I begin working with clients, one of the first things that I want to understand is how they self-support, what are they actively doing to look after themselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether this is taking daily exercise; a twenty minute walk, listening to a mindfulness app on their phone, eating a balanced diet or taking time to journal their feelings.

Most will answer, “I’m too busy looking after my family / working long hours / I don’t have time”.

Now ask yourself if you have a mobile phone and the battery percentage is getting low, at what point do you begin to search for your charger before you are holding a phone that has shut down completely. Most of you I would imagine will enthusiastically reply, that you will begin getting nervous at about 25%

If you checked with your energy levels now; what percentage are you currently at 25%? 10%? 2%? At what point will you acknowledge that you need recharging before you are no longer thriving but barely surviving.

How are you bringing self-care into your daily routine with a little effort for maximum impact?

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