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Similar to Counselling as it is a talking, explorative tool but instead of looking into our past, we explore the present and look towards what and how the future could look like. Whether that is a promotion, building confidence in yourself, your team or stakeholders, understanding where your “growing edges” are and how to overcome them. I can support you with:

Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalised reading of an individual’s strengths and developmental areas. Whether you are the CEO or a new recruit, it provides rich personal insights and practical benefits for everyone.

For a more in-depth understanding of your communication, behavioural styles in the three personas, please get in touch.

Get in touch

I can be contacted using the below details, if I am in session and unable to take your call, please feel free to leave me a brief message with your name, contact number; and the best time to return your call. Please be assured that this is a confidential answering service that will only ever be answered by myself.

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