Counselling Services


A time for you to talk through your concerns and challenging issues; to find a new perspective or make peace with an area of life that you find stressful or upsetting. This can be for a few sessions or longer, meeting weekly, ideally at the same time where possible; knowing this is your time and your place to come back to, that is just about you – something which can be so precious and lacking in our every day. My approach is Integrative Relational, combining the theoretical lenses of Psychodynamic and Humanistic, meeting your needs in the safest, most effective way. I work with individuals (18+) and couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship. For issues concerning trauma and/or PTSD, I offer EMDR (eye movement, desensitization and reprocessing therapy).


EMDR can be used to treat a wide range of issues but is mostly commonly associated with Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be thought of as a disorder of the present. Traumatic materials, including the beliefs, feelings, sensations, perceptions, urges, and images of the stored trauma intrude in the present; the client confuses the triggered experience with the reality of what is currently occurring. The adaptive information processing (AIP) model (Shapiro, 2001) posits that many presenting issues and diagnoses are fed by maladaptively stored experiential contributors and involve the experience of the past in the present.


By taking a few minutes every day to give back something as precious as time to yourself – some peace and quiet. This in itself can feel overwhelming; how can I be still? When there is so much to do?? By breathing into this noisy space in our minds, which we are carrying every moment of every day can help us reach back into ourselves, allowing us to find peace in our hearts and ironically bringing more productivity. By becoming more present, we are able to become more authentic and available.

Get in touch

I can be contacted using the below details, if I am in session and unable to take your call, please feel free to leave me a brief message with your name, contact number; and the best time to return your call. Please be assured that this is a confidential answering service that will only ever be answered by myself.

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